Sep 03
LJP Big Band w/Flavio Boltro
Fardella Jazz Festival
Nov 03
Rainbow Jazz Orchestra w/Benny Golson
Ognissanti Suona il Jazz 2019
Nov 22-24
ClasiJazz Big Band


"..I was impressed with the musicianship on your CD. Your skills prove that jazz writing is in very capable hands. I wish you much luck with your musical endeavors. I feel Duccio Bertini has a good future. ..” Sammy Nestico

“..The music is really great—well done and Perico is playing great” David Liebman

"..Good taste in the arrangements, which are flawless, light and impalpable like cirrus clouds on a warm midsummer day.." Vincenzo Roggero (All About Jazz)

"…the result is remarkable from several points of view: an unusual repertoire (themes by Wheeler, Burrell, Swallow, Dorough and two original ones) treated with fantasy, lightness and aristocratic taste.." Leonardi (Musica Jazz)

“..That's was incredible! Beautiful voice! Beautiful arrangement! Beautiful players! Thanks..what a wonderful surprise ...” Dave Burrell

“ ...the Futura Jazz Orchestra? What can I say? It’s great. It plays as I would like an orchestra to play, broadly speaking. And that is to say differently from a big band, where there is often little space for colors and silence..” Paolo Fresu

"..Duccio Bertini is a young arranger who is particularly attentive to the potential of the orchestra that has merged, in a modern key, with that of the soloists and timbres.…" Vittorio Formenti (Mescalina)

"..fine and elegant piece of workmanship, with effective voices and instruments that are often very warm and communicative, engaged in the performance of six songs..." Sergio Spada (Il Suono)


7 weeks artistic residence with FIMA Symphonic Orchestra
Stacks Image 13972

For 7 weeks I had the opportunity to realize an artistic residence in Almeria, Spain, conducting the FIMA Symphonic Orchestra.

During that period we rehearsed and performed various programs. In the first three week, we did a classical repertoire based on opera arias, such as “Elisir d'Amore” of Donizetti and Mozart's “Magic Flute”.

In the fourth week, we performed the original arrangements written by Claus Ogerman for Jobim albums of sixties and seventies. In the following week, we did the “Clifford Brown with Strings”, the 1955 album with the string arrangements by Neal Hefti. Unable to find an edition of the original arrangements of that session, we asked me to make an exact transcription of the disc, with the aim to perform all this charts in a public concert.

We performed the final concert with Julian Sanchez as guest solist on trumpet. In the last week we did the music form “Focus”, a jazz album recorded in 1961, featuring Stan Getz on tenor saxophone with a string orchestra. The album is a suite which was originally commissioned by Getz from composer and arranger Eddie Sauter. The music of “Focus” is full inspiration of western contemporary music, such as Bela Bartok and Stravinsky, and the orchestration has a rhythmic drive and harmonic sophistication unmatched at the time. We performed it on July 18th with FIMA Symphonic Orchestra and Pedro Cortejosa as guest on tenor saxophone.

June 15th 2019
With Arturo Sandoval!!
Stacks Image 13931

On June 9th I had the honor to collaborate with one of the best trumpet players of word scene, Arturo Sandoval, who came as guest of Clasijazz Big Band, under my conduction. Sandoval has evolved into one of the world’s most acknowledged guardians of jazz trumpet, as well as a renowned classical artist, pianist, and composer and he is one of the most dynamic and vivacious live performers of our time.

We rehearsed a repertory based on standards and latin jazz including my arrangements. The concert was held in the Auditorio Maestro Parilla and we had the contribution of David Pastor, on lead trumpet and Enrique Oliver, as tenor saxophone.

May 24th 2019
As Presenter for 2019 Jazz Composer's Symposium in Colorado!!

In May I was invited again to join the 2019 Jazz Composers’ Symposium organized by ISJAC. This year was in Greeley (Colorado – U.S.A).The International Society of Jazz Arrangers and Composers (ISJAC), has been created to unite and serve the international community of jazz arrangers and composers with the aim to stimulate the creation, performance, and dissemination of new works and research.

The 2019 Jazz Composers’ Symposium has brought jazz composers and arrangers of all parts of the world together to the University of North Colorado campus to learn and share in an interactive environment. This year’s event has featured music reading sessions, panel discussions, research presentations, and musical performances by Bill Frisel, Chris Potter, and Vince Mendoza.

Stacks Image 13933
March 25th 2019
In Sevilla again with Susana Sheiman!!
Stacks Image 13927

On March 14th I had the pleasure to stay again in Sevilla with the Andalucia Big Band. I was invited to conduct the orchestra in a concert at Espacio Turina with Susana Sheiman, as guest.

Created in early 2011, on the initiative of the musicians and also managed by themselves, the Andalucia Big Band was created with the goal of being a stable orchestra for bringing jazz to the public and make known the traditional repertoire for the big band as, specially, the compositions of current composers.

This year, we performed the repertoire of the CD “A Day in Barcelona” including some other arrangements of standards tunes I wrote for Susana in this years and the experience was great, the band played so well!!

December 10th 2018
Member of Jury for V International Competition for Arrangement and Composition for Big Band in Granada

“Concurso de Composición y Arreglos para Big Bands” actually is the only International Arrangement Competition held in Spain. Now in its fifth edition, the Competition is supported by SGAE (Spanish Society of Authors and Publishers) and Asociación Cultural Ool-Ya-Koo and it's dedicated to arrangements based on compositions registered on the SGAE repertoire.

I was invited both as conductor of Ool-Ya-Koo Big Band, the orchestra that performed the finalist arrangements, both as member of Jury. It was an exciting experience!! The quality of finalists' arrangements was very good, and all these repertoire was really a demanding job for the orchestra.

November 15th 2018
With Jesse Davis and Rainbow Jazz Orchestra
Stacks Image 13923

On November 4th for “Ognissanti Suona il Jazz Festival” I had the opportunity to collaborate, as guest of Rainbow Jazz Orchestra, with Jesse Davis, considered one of the best jazz alto saxophonists.

This year was the first edition of “Ognissanti Suona il Jazz”, that took place in some exclusive The Medici Villas of Florence area. As main theme, The Festival was dedicated to the music of John Coltrane, since in this year it was discovered a new unpublished album from the master, “Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album”, recorded in 1963.

I wrote the arrangements, choosing among his repertoire some of most known compositions. We played “Some Other Blues”, “Equinox”, “Naima”, in addition to the new discovered “Untitled Original 11383” and modal version of the famous standard “Nature Boy”.

October 5th 2018
Rainbow Jazz Orchestra at Il Jazz Italiano per le Terre del Sisma
Stacks Image 13984

This year again Italian jazz continued to take action to support the areas hit by earthquakes in the centre of Italy. Hundreds of musicians were involved, arriving from all areas of Italy to confirm their commitment to this major event that became a symbol of the common effort of the whole jazz sector in Italy to support the areas in the central part of Italy that were seriously damaged by earthquakes in 2009 and 2016.

Many orchestras were invited to participate and I had the honor to performed with Rainbow Jazz Orchestra and Stefano Cocco Cantini, as guest on tenor saxophone.

August 3rd 2018
Lady in Satin: premiere in Almeria

“Lady in Satin” is the penultimate album (recorded in 1958) completed by Billie Holiday and last released in her lifetime. Ray Ellis made his arrangements of the songs to match Holiday's voice. By the mid to late 1950s, Holiday's voice changed drastically due to years of alcohol and drug abuse, altering its texture and gave it a fragile, raspy sound. Despite her voice's setback, she never lost the edge that had always made it so distinctive and was able to still use her style of phrasing that made her a popular jazz singer.

Unable to find an edition of the original arrangements of that session, we asked me to make an exact transcription of the disc, with the aim to perform all this charts in a public concert.

The premiere was on June 17th in Almeria at ClasiJazz with Fima Symphonic Orchestra and under my conduction. The singer who tried to reproduce the great Billie Holiday was the spanish singer Susana Sheiman.

The transcription I realize was for the album instrumentation, that included woodwinds, trombones, harp, soprano choir, strings and jazz rhythm session.

May 22th 2018
Recording Session with Ruben Simeo and Ad Libitum Orchestra

Ruben Simeo from young age (now he is 26!) he is shown exceptional musical abilities in trumpet. He has participated in concerts and television programs. With great success, he has managed to receive critically acclaimed reviews that praise his maturity at such a young age.

Ruben Simeo was looking for a new arranger as he and his manager wanted to put in a new light his old repertoire, including new works for symphonic orchestra, and the choice fell on me.

They asked me to arrange some famous song, such as My Way, or Yiruma songs and so on, that we recorded in Valencia, at the beginning of May with Ad Libitum Orchestra, under my conduction.

March 29th 2018
Masterclass and Recording Session in Castellon

At the end of March, I was invited for a Masterclass on Arrangement and Composition at Castellon de Plana Music Conservatory.

During my stay, I participated in a recording session with a string orchestra and jazz rhythm session where I contributed with some of my arrangements.

Stacks Image 6985
February 1st 2018
Dino Plasmati and Ljp Big Band “Matera Encounter” is out!

In 2016 Dino Plasmati, guitarist and conductor, commissioned me an arrangement for his orchestra, LJP Big Band, with the aim to record it with the famous saxophonist, Bobby Watson. I wrote a chart of the well-known ballad, Over the Rainbow, an ideal situation for his beautiful saxophone sound.

This intense and wonderful beautiful collaboration with Dino, his orchestra and Bobby has been recorded in a disc, “Matera Encounter” published by italian recording label, Alfa Music, and that has been released on January 2018.

Stacks Image 6887
October 25h 2017
La La Land in Concert
Stacks Image 11393

At beginning of October, the American production of La La Land in Concert contacted me as orchestra conductor for Italy tour.

La La Land is a 2016 American musical romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Damien Chazelle. It stars Ryan Gosling as a jazz pianist and Emma Stone as an aspiring actress, who meet and fall in love in Los Angeles while pursuing their dreams. The film's title refers simultaneously to music, the city of Los Angeles, and to the idiom for being out of touch with reality.

Following the massive success of Chazelle's film, which showed staying power in movie theaters for much of late 2016 and early 2017 before winning several Academy Awards, La La Land in Concert was the next logical step in paying homage to the classic entertainment immortalized in La La Land and the films to which it is indebted.

In this one-of-a-kind experience, a full orchestra played along with the film as singers, actors and dancers enhance the on-screen events with full choreography, bringing the hit tribute to love and the Hollywood musicals of yesteryear to the stage in an unprecedented way. Alongside the film's familiar score - played live by the orchestra to the soundtrack vocals of stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone - were several previously unreleased orchestrations, including the "Overture," which opens the live production before segueing to the already-iconic "Another Day of Sun," the opening number from the film.

The orchestra was composed by 50 musicians, including strings, woodwinds, rhythm section and a jazz band. We performed 3 concerts in Padova (Geox Gran Teatro) and Milan (Teatro dell'Arcimboldi), with a great success.

September 14h 2017
Masterclass in Almeria

At the end of August, I have been in Almeria for a Masterclass on Jazz Arranging and Composition. I spent 3 marvelous days for an intense course on Jazz Arranging. I had the opportunity to work with students and professionals, teaching also the approach on how to write for a jazz orchestra.

In my opinion, instead of just lecturing in the classroom, my role of teacher is like facilitator of learning, providing students with the information and tools they need to master a subject. At times, I prefer to act like tutor, working with small groups of students or individual students within the classroom or after class. It is important to remember that teacher also plays the role of evaluators, constantly assessing students' abilities through formal and informal assessments, providing suggestions for improvement and assigning grades.

Stacks Image 11313
July 07h 2017
Engantxats a Monk

I am so proud to announce the release of a new disc, in which I have collaborated as arranger and producer: David Pastor & Back To Brass - “Engantxats a Monk”.

The CD, published by Omix Records of Warner Bros Music Spain, is entirely dedicated to the music of Thelonious Monk for a brass quintet (Back to Brass), a soloist trumpet (David Pastor) and drums (Felipe Santandreu).

Stacks Image 11371
June 15th 2017
Duccio Bertini Big Band live in Barcelona
Stacks Image 11287

On June 9th and 10th, I was invited to perform with my Big Band and Susana Sheiman in the suggestive Pedrera rooftop in Barcelona.

Casa Milà, popularly known as ‘La Pedrera’ (the stone quarry), an ironic allusion to the resemblance of its façade to an open quarry, was constructed by the famous catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and for its uniqueness, artistic and heritage value have received major recognition as Unesco World Heritage List, for its exceptional universal value.

It was a unique experience to enjoy La Pedrera at night, with a live Big Band on the rooftop, and to admire one of the most spectacular views of Barcelona.

June 3rd 2017
In Tampa at 2017 Jazz Composer's Symposium!!
Stacks Image 11385

In May I was invited to join the 2017 Jazz Composers’ Symposium organized by ISJAC in Tampa (Florida – U.S.A).

The International Society of Jazz Arrangers and Composers (ISJAC), has been created to unite and serve the international community of jazz arrangers and composers with the aim to stimulate the creation, performance, and dissemination of new works and research. The Board of ISAJC is composed by some of most prestigious arrangers/composer in the world scene, such as Maria Schneider, Rufus Reid, John Clayton, Ryan Truesdell, Chuck Owen, John Hollenbeck and Billy Childs.

The 2017 Jazz Composers’ Symposium has brought jazz composers and arrangers of all backgrounds together to the University of South Florida campus to learn, discover, and share in a vibrant and interactive environment. This year’s event has featured music reading sessions, panel discussions, research presentations, and musical performances by John Hollenbeck’s Claudia Quintet, the Billy Childs Quartet, and Chuck Owen & the Jazz Surge.

Taking place in the USF School of Music, the Jazz Composers’ Symposium consisted of 2 and a 1/2 days of non-stop concerts, lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and much more. While led by the distinguished guest artist line-ups, the interactive event offered multiple opportunities for those in attendance to share their work via new music reading sessions, research paper presentations, and very unique composition “poster” sessions. What amazing experience!!

Abril 15th 2017
In Valencia for a Recording Session
Stacks Image 11383

On April 1st, I was in Valencia for a recording session with David Pastor & Back To Brass with my arrangements about the music of Thelonious Monk. For that occasion, I arranged 8 tunes of his repertory for brass band, soloist trumpet and drums.

The tunes included famous compositions such as Evidence, Crepuscule With Nellie, Brillant Corners, Monk’s Dream, Bemsha Swing, Ruby, My Dear and many others.

The band played so well and David Pastor was great. This is the first step, and I am looking forward to finishing up the album and letting you all hear my arrangements, and the amazing performances from the band.

March 9th 2017
Rainbow Jazz Orchestra plays Duke Ellington
Stacks Image 11387

On March 3th, I had the opportunity to conduct again Rainbow Jazz Orchestra in concert dedicated to the great Duke Ellington, with the presence of Nico Gori, as guest-star for Sesto Jazz Festival. Among his huge production, I chose some rare charts written by Duke for Suites (Latin American Suite, New Orleans Suite, Nutcraker, Such Sweet Thunder, Far East Suite), a different portrait of the greatest american composer.

As most people know, he wrote primarily for his band, allowing his veteran players room to solo within his compositions, and as a result created a body of work that seemed likely to help jazz enter the academic and institutional realms, which was very much its direction at the end of the 20th century.

Therefore, Ellington used his band as a musical laboratory for his new compositions and shaped his writing specifically to showcase the talents of his bandmembers, many of whom remained with him for long periods. Ellington also wrote film scores and stage musicals, and several of his instrumental works were adapted into songs that became standards.

November 21th 2016
Duccio Bertini & Susana Sheiman “A Day in Barcelona”

I am very excited for the new release of Duccio Bertini & Susana Sheiman “A day in Barcelona” (Temps Record)!!!

“A Day in Barcelona is a very well rounded record. – write the spanish journalist José Miguel Lopez - The repertoire has been excellently chosen; the solos are top notch; the musicians perform brilliantly; Susana's voice is poised and balanced and shines throughout the record even adding playful twists that highlight her joyous personality. What makes this record special however is the mutual understanding between the soloist and the arrangements of Duccio Bertini from Florence who no doubt found in Barcelona his lucent inspiration.”

We presented the disc on October 16th in the famous Jamboree Jazz Club in Barcelona.

Stacks Image 9327
October 1st 2016
In Almeria with Clasijazz Swing & Funk Big Band
Stacks Image 9329

Last September, I was invited by Clasijazz in Almeria (Spain) for some Masterclasses. It was really a wonderful experience!

Clasijazz is a cultural association born in Almeria (Spain) in 1998. Since then, and thanks to years of coordinated effort, a broad musical and cultural offering open to all of Almeria’s citizens has been made available. The Association promotes specialized workshops which now have more than 100 students of all ages, they cover guitar, initiation to jazz, drums and harmonica among others, their clear objective being on-stage rehearsals at jam sessions.

I decided to give a Masterclass on Maria Schneider and Duke Ellington, regarding all compositional aspects of their music. And also I had the opportunity to conduct the Clasijazz Swing & Funk Big Band with Susana Sheiman and David Pastor.

July 28th 2016
Recording with Bobby Watson!!

Last July, Dino Plasmati, guitarist and conductor, commissioned me an arrangement for his orchestra, LJP Big Band, with the aim to record it with the famous saxophonist, Bobby Watson. I wrote a chart of the well-known ballad, Over the Rainbow, an ideal situation for his beautiful saxophone sound.

Working with Bobby Watson and LJP Big Band was a wonderful experience. For more than three decades now Bobby Watson has contributed consistently intelligent, sensitive and well-thought out music to the modern-day jazz lexicon.

Stacks Image 9313
April 4th 2016
With Scott Hamilton and Rainbow Jazz Orchestra
Stacks Image 9368

On March 4th, I had the opportunity to conduct Rainbow Jazz Orchestra with Scott Hamilton, one of the greatest jazz saxophonist, as special guest. The concert was organized by Sesto Jazz Festival. And It was such an exciting experience!!

Scott Hamilton is a jazz tenor saxophonist associated with swing music and mainstream jazz. He emerged at the beginning of 70s and at the time he was considered to be one of the few musicians of real talent who carried the tradition of the classic jazz tenor saxophone in the style of Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins as well as Zoot Sims and Don Byas forward.

We rehearsed a repertory based on standards jazz with my arrangements and Scott joined the band the day of the concert. The concert was held in the beautiful theatre “Teatro alla Limonaia” in Sesto, close to Florence.

December 3rd 2015
Recording a new CD in Barcelona
Stacks Image 28400

Among many jazz orchestras and famous international musicians with which I worked in the last years, I personally consider very important the collaboration that I have begun with Susana Sheiman, a singer from Madrid, actually recognized by critics as one of the most important singer in spanish jazz scene.

At the end of this November I was in Barcelona (Spain) for recording a new CD with Susana and my new Big Band. This project was the result of hard and intense work of writing and choice of the repertoire.

To realize this ambitious recording project I have called some of the best musicians from Barcelona and spanish jazz scene to join a 15 piece Big Band, under my conduction and with my arrangements written expressly for Susana Sheiman.

The band and Susana were really great; each section was so compact and the general sound of orchestra was excellent. And the CD sounds great!!

September 28th 2015
Writing arrangements for Antonio Zambujo w/Original Jazz Orchestra

In August I have received the commitment to write arrangements for the new show of Antonio Zambujo with the Original Jazz Orchestra of Taller de Musics. The concert was held on next September 17th for the 27th Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (Spain).

Antonio Zambujo (an artist Universal) is considered as probably the most beautiful male voice of fado today and he is one of the bright young stars leading the fado renaissance in Portugal. With a silky, plaintive tenor voice, he is breathing fresh life into this old musical style, expressing not only the sorrow and longing but also the joy in this passionate music.

The idea of the show was to make a meeting between fado and jazz. I wrote the arrangements of some of his famous song, such as "Pica do Sete", "Flagrante" and "Valsa de um Pavão Ciumento".

Press link

Stacks Image 28396
June 6th 2015
New Tour to Spain

At the beginning of May I was in Spain for a small tour. I was invited by University of Salamanca to hold a Masterclass with the USAL Big Band and David Pastor, on trumpet as a guest.

Then I moved to Valencia, to SedaJazz for a Masterclass on Maria Schneider music and lastly I traveled to Vilafranca de Penedes, a town close to Barcelona for another Masterclass with a local Big Band.

Stacks Image 28398
February 2nd 2015
A View on Standards

I am really excited for the upcoming release of Duccio Bertini & Rainbow Jazz Orchestra "A View on Standards". The disc has been published by the spanish label Temps Record (“A View on Standards” TR1474-GE14).

David Liebman wrote the liner notes for the disc, and in addition Sammy Nestico, a legend in the jazz history (91 years old!), wrote some reviews.

This project starting when, in 2013, I had the opportunity to have a concert with the famous Spanish saxophonist Perico Sambeat and Rainbow Jazz Orchestra, and so I decided to arrange some jazz standards. I sought a different approach for the big band style, since I wanted to create a new perspective on an "old" material.

I would like to thank all the people who made this project possible!!

Stacks Image 10083
October 25th 2014
Duccio Bertini & Rainbow Jazz Orchestra
Stacks Image 8561

We are nearing the finish line... sort of... “Duccio Bertini & Rainbow Jazz Orchestra w/Perico Sambeat” recording is very close to being finished, as we just completed the first pass of mixing and mastering with Andrea Benassai and Tommaso Bianchi last July and it sounds great!!

We have a few more steps, and then the task of the artwork, liner notes, and manufacturing. It's all coming together and I'm very happy with the results, and even more excited to share this music with all of you!

I'm really happy with the direction we are headed so far, and look forward to finishing up the album and letting you all hear my charts, and the amazing performances from the band and Perico Sambeat.

During the studio sessions a video have been recorded, and I am proud to share it with all of you:

Stacks Image 8527
September 20th 2014
In Sevilla again and with Perico Sambeat!

Last September 10th I was invited by Andalucia Big Band in Seville to conduct the orchestra in a concert. I had the possibility to work again with this spanish orchestra (as in 2012), and for this occasion Perico Sambeat was invited as a guest.

We have worked together one week, rehearsing a repertory based on standards jazz with my arrangements. The band is formed mostly by andalusian musicians. Perico joined the band the day before the concert. The concert was held in the beautiful monastery of Isla de la Cartuja, close to the Guadalquivir river.

August 5th 2014
deciBel Orchestra and Dirotta su Cuba

Dirotta su Cuba is an italian pop group that gained popularity in the 90's. Formed by Rossano Gentli, Stefano De Donato and the singer Simona Bencini, the band produced 6 CD and many single hits. The song “Gelosia” (1994) won the platinum disc in Italy.

Sauro Baci of Association Amici di Rignano asked me to arrange their music for a small orchestra ensemble and to make a concert with the Dirotta su Cuba band.

Stacks Image 8448
April 9th 2014
Recording with Perico Sambeat and Rainbow Jazz Orchestra

Last March 19th, I recorded in Prato with Rainbow Jazz Orchestra and Perico Sambeat, on alto sax as a guest. For that occasion, I arranged some standards deriving from jazz tradition thinking of a different approach, since I wanted to create a new perspective on an “old” material.

The band played so well; each section was so compact and the general sound of orchestra was very good. And Perico was absolutely great!

The recording was made in a 5 rooms studio with a nice, resonant acoustic. The horns were set up on the main room; piano, bass and drums on separate rooms. Part of the challenge in recording a band of this size is isolation. You also want to maintain good site-line between rhythm section members as well as site-line between the director and entire band. And the CD sounds great!!

Stacks Image 7660
Stacks Image 8568
March 8th 2014
A Course in "History of Big Band Music"

By the end of February, I was invited in Barcelona (Spain) by Taller de Musics, one of the most important music school in Spain, to hold a 2-days course in “History of Jazz Big Bands”.

The course placed an emphasis on Big band Jazz encouraging students in the fundamentals of different styles in the jazz idiom for large group.

During the workshop, I had the opportunity to work with Original Jazz Orchestra, the school professional ensemble, rehearsing many original charts (including some rare sheets) deriving from jazz repertoire (from Fletcher Henderson up to Maria Schneider).

Stacks Image 7611
December 2nd 2013
Music for String Quartet

Last November 2013, the prestigious Association “Amici del Loggione del Teatro alla Scala” of Milan commissioned me to compose for string quartet and clarinet. I wrote a composition, “Quintet for Strings and Clarinet”, divided in three movements (I. Moderato, II. Largo, III. Presto) and with a length of 14 minutes.

Writing for a classical ensembles such as string quartet is a challenging experience. A quartet is supposed to consist of four equal players.

So you need to write all four parts at the same time and my personal preference would be a contrapuntal approach.

The first performance of the composition was held in Milan on November 22th 2014 by Euridice String Quartet with the clarinetist John Diamanti Fox.

September 1st 2013
Arranging for String Orchestra and Jazz Quartet

Last August 2013, I had the opportunity to arrange and conduct a string orchestra (19 pieces from Symphonic Orchestra “Città di Grosseto”) with a jazz quartet. It was such an exciting experience!!

I have always been fascinated by the use of strings in jazz. The power and richness of a solid string section in combination with a jazz quartet inspired me many writing solutions.

The repertoire was composed of jazz standards including famous songs as Round Midnight, The Days of Wine and Roses and some latin songs from Jobim library.

Posted below a my arrangement of the famous song "A Child is Born" composed by Thad Jones and played by the orchestra:

Stacks Image 7543
July 30th 2013
Dies Irae from Verdi Requiem

2013 is the bicentennial of Giuseppe Verdi. In the occasion of the Castelbrando Event with the support of Veneto Jazz, Vesna Maria Brocca commissioned me to compose for big band inspired to the music of Giuseppe Verdi.

I wrote a composition called “I giorni dell'ira” loosely based on Dies-Irae from Requiem, performed by Rainbow Jazz Orchestra and Perico Sambeat, on alto sax as a guest.

Rainbow Jazz Orchestra is one of my italian bands and working with Perico was really great. I wrote for him a special arrangement of Ellington's “Prelude to a Kiss”, in a moving jazz waltz with a lots of blowing space for his alto and ensemble sections which highlight the rest of the band as well.

This year is also the 80th birthday of the famous saxophonist, Wayne Shorter, one of the milestones of jazz. I dedicated to him my arrangement of “House of Jade”, that we played with the band and Perico on sax.

Stacks Image 304
May 25th 2013
In Salamanca with USAL Big Band

University of Salamanca, which is the oldest in Spain, has an intense cultural history. The USAL Big Band (Big Band Universidad de Salamanca) was born in 2008 from a group of students of History and Music Science. In the past years, the band has collaborated with many prestigious artists such as Perico Sambeat, Bart Van Lier, Bob Sands, Bobby Martínez, Pepe Rivero, Albert Bover, John Georgini, and German Kucich.

Last May, I was invited by Alberto Palomares to conduct this orchestra in Salamanca. I had the opportunity to work with students and professionals, conducting the band and teaching the approach on how to play in a jazz orchestra.

For that occasion I brought some of my old arrangements, such as “In a Mellow Tone”, “I don't mean a thing”, “On the sunny side of the street”.

Stacks Image 318
March 20th 2013
Musicadabra Extended

Musicadabra is a jazz collective born in Florence in 2011 with the intent to promote the musical scene in Tuscany.

The principal characteristic of Musicadabra is the presence of musical projects based only on original compositions.

The collective focus is on the improvisational musical communication, which essentially is at the core of this language in a jazz background. Musicadabra membership includes many of Tuscany's talented younger artists.

Musicadabra Extended is a jazz orchestra composed by the musicians of the collective with the addition of some horns.

The orchestra plays the original compositions of the collective, with the arrangements and conduction by Duccio Bertini.

Musicadabra Extended performed last Saturday (March 16th) in Vicchio for the Giotto Jazz Festival.

The “front-line” was composed by Piero Bronzi (alto sax, flute), Claudio Giovagnoli (tenor sax, soprano sax), Aldo Milani (tenor sax, clarinet, flute), Dario Cecchini (baritone sax, bass clarinet), Maurizio Pasqui (trumpet), Andrea Donnini (trumpet), Andrea Angeloni (trombone).

Posted below is a video clip of the concert:

Stacks Image 594
March 1st 2013
Working in Stockholm with the Royal Big Band

Last February, I was invited to conduct the Royal Big Band, one of the must renowned band in the Stockholm area. We performed two concerts (the 22th and 23th), organized in collaboration with an Italian Association. I conducted the band, with my arrangements and Susana Sheiman was invited as guest.

Working with Royal Big Band was a wonderful experience. In Stockholm and in Sweden there is a long tradition in big band jazz, with a lots of good musicians. The Royal Big Band was born in 1992 by some professional musicians of the Stockholm area and has recorded two CDs.

The band played so well; each section was so compact and the general sound of orchestra was very good. The concerts were well appreciated by both the band and the audience. The general opinion of the critics was that the band improved from the first to the second concert.

For the occasion I wrote new arrangements, including a jazz version for big band of the famous italian song, "Malafemmena" and an up-tempo version of the Cole Porter song, "What is this thing called love?"

Stacks Image 314
June 18th 2012
In Seville with Andalucia Big Band

Last June, I was in Seville to conduct the Andalucia Big Band, a band composed by many of Andalusian's talented artists.

Seville, one of most beautiful places in Spain, has great beauty, history, various cultures, Moorish architecture, etc. I spent one week, rehearsing with the orchestra there.

I wrote new arrangements for singer Susana Sheiman, who was invited as a guest to perform with the band. These included jazz standards such as “Gentle Rain”, “Spring can really you up the most”, “I'm Glad there is you”.

Posted below is a video clip of the concert:

Stacks Image 610
March 19th 2012
Writing for Barcelona Jazz Orchestra

Barcelona is probably one of the best big band in Spain and Europe. The Orchestra features some of the most renowned Jazz musicians working in the City, and the band has worked in the past years with many jazz legends like Frank Wess, Phil Woods, Lou Donaldson, Benny Golson, Jon Faddis or Wendell Brunious, and younger stars like Jesse Davis, Brad Lealei, and Nicholas Payton.

Dani Alonso, the director of BJO, commissioned me some charts (such as “Cry me a River”, “Lousiana Sunday Afternoon”) to be performed with singer Susana Sheiman at Sala Apolo in Barcelona for the next January and April.

As suggested by the band's repertoire, I tried to produce a more classic style of writing, alternating roaring swinging ensemble passages and soft, soft sections, in order to make the band really stand out and sparkle.

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February 3rd 2012
CAM Big Band

CAM Big Band is the jazz band of the school CAM (Centro Attività Culturali) Florence. CAM is the oldest school in Florence, an organization dedicated to jazz music since the late '70s.

In 2011, I was called to regroup a new jazz band in the school. During the academic year we worked hard together to improve the orchestra, concentrating on articulation,

intonation and above all, the way to play together. My experience with CAM Big Band has contributed to future generations of musicians at the school.

January 15th 2012
“Cromatos Project”

Cròmatos Project was born from an idea by Franco Nesti and Duccio Bertini with the intent to make music principally inspired by the sounds and colors typical of the european contemporary jazz.

Making this disc with the band was a marvelous experience; I had the opportunity to

record with excellent musicians and above all, very good friends. Working with Claudio Fasoli was also great. The contribution of Claudio on the recording was simply “poetry”; wonderful and sensitive moments beautifully played, sounds with plenty of space and nice colors.

Posted below is an example of this:

"Circles" (D. Bertini) from the album "Cromatos Project" (2010)